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Archer vs Monster Bats 2.1

The Best Archer vs Monster Bats Game

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  • Archer vs Monster Bats:

    • Have you ever loaded a bow with arrows? If not, play Archer vs Monster Bats game to shoot the dangerous monster bats. To begin the thrilling game, load your bow and shoot the evil monsters accurately. When you play the game, archery skills will develop that will help you in defeating the monster bats and their companions. The game is comprised of 15 levels and each level is more challenging than the previous. Get ready for an increase in monsters numbers in upcoming levels. To win 15 game levels, you have to use the arrows in right direction with fast speed so that the deadly creatures are killed within given time.

      Do not get worried, if you are not expert in shooting as there are some tricks to get support immediately. For Instance:

      - If you are unable to kill the enemies, just press the Lightning button to have bat barbecue. Within a few seconds, the monsters will get scorched.

      - If you are confused due to excess of monsters, choose the Wind button to drive all the invaders back for next ten seconds.

      - Power is offered to kill your enemies swiftly with three arrows at a time.

      Keep in mind! All magical powers are available for a limited time period. Instead of relying all the time on these powerful tricks, try to win more and more gold and safe your exquisite kingdom. Bonus is awarded when you kill a great number of monster bats in short period.

      Fascinating gameplay, thrilling soundtrack and comprehensive graphics have made the game more attention grabbing for players. Instead of getting bored in free time, play the Archer vs Monster game and shoot your enemies. If you have enjoyed time while playing, do not forget to give review +5 stars. Give your response so that we can introduce new games as you desired.

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