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UtilTool Antivirus 3.2.26

Simple to use antivirus software

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  • UtilTool Antivirus:

    • Easy to use
      UtilTool's user interface was designed to be easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

      UtilTool is designed to be a fire and forget antivirus software that is easy to use, does not slow down your computer and just works

      Do you want to be protected against Computer Viruses and Spyware. Do you want software that is as easy to use as taking a pill, does not slow down your computer and just works? Then you should try digital defender free, a great antivirus product, pure medicine for your computer.
      Incremental virus database update

      Using the incremental update mechanism the download time is reduced to a minimal level so we can release additional virus database packages several times a day to improve the defence. Users can obtain protection against new malware without spending a long time and generating considerable network load for the update.

      Comprehensive protection
      UtilTool's resident protection realtime protection provides a comprehensive protection against malware

      Outstanding performance and effectiveness
      UtilTool's scanning engine has outstanding performance. The engine uses behavioural (heuristic) analysis to detect harmful programs. Thanks to its platform and operating system independent scanning methods it effectively scans for all known viruses, worms, trojans, backdoors, scripts, macro viruses and other harmful code on any system.

      System requirements

      Windows XP
      Windows Vista
      Windows 7
      Windows 8

      32 bit and 64 bit compatible

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