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AlienVault OTX Reputation Monitor Alert 1.0

Free alerts if IPs/domains are compromised

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  • AlienVault OTX Reputation Monitor Alert:

    • Get free, real-time alerts if one of your IPs or domains is found in a hacker forum, a blacklist, or the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX) database, indicating a potential breach. The OTX database is the industry's only open and collaborative threat intelligence system, providing the most comprehensive IP reputation data available. Monitoring changes to your IPs and domains' reputation provides an early warning sign of a potential breach.

      Rapid response is essential in making sure your business operations aren't impacted. For example, if your organization's IP addresses or domains appear in a blacklist, a hacker forum like Pastie or, or our own reputation database, chances are that one or more of these systems have been compromised. Compromise of public systems like webservers can be just the tip of the iceberg. And the initial attack might likely have started inside your firewall, so having complete and unified security visibility is essential. System compromise often leads to data loss, legal and compliance liability, service disruption, and lost revenues. None of which are good.

      Start monitoring the reputation of your IPs and domains now (for free) with AlienVault OTX Reputation Monitor Alert Service.

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