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Free Registry Tuner

Cleans and repairs the Windows Registry.

Start  >  System  >  Registry  >  Free Registry Tuner
  • Free Registry Tuner:

    • Cleans and repairs Windows Registry for free with the need of a single click and boosts your system's speed. This freeware detects and fixes Registry errors and removes corrupt and orphaned keys/values out of user-selected Registry sections. A deletion protocol shows a details about repaired and/or removed keys.

      From time to time Windows accumulates unnecessary Entries in the registry database, what slows down your PC. FREE Registry Tuner cleans up your registry database and speeds up your PC immediately and perceptible. Forget expensive system optimization utilities! FREE Registry Tuner is freeware and costs not even a penny. That's all you need!

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  • Mai-Tips

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      •   Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool 2.74

        ScreenshotThe Managed Switch Port Mapping tool maps the physical port connections of a managed network switch to MAC and IP addresses of the attached devices using SNMPv1/v2c/v3. Capable of mapping many different brands and models of managed switches. Saves technicians time mapping out the physical layout of your network by helping identify network devices attached to the physical switch ports. Shows multiple downstream devices connected by hubs or other switches - LLDP and CDP report the directly connected devices. Switch Lists allow you to map a set of switches. Command Line lets you map a single switch or a Switch List on a scheduled basis using Windows Task Scheduler. Shows VLAN assignment, port status, speed, duplex, bytes in/out, connected device interface manufacturer, LLDP, CDP connected devices, interface bandwidth utilization and more. Shows LACP/LAG and PAGP link information. Shows the elapsed time since a port has changed from up to down or vice versa. Use to see how long a device has been conne (von Northwest Performance Software, Inc., Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 16.05.2017)

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      •   Fax Server Pro 9.9.0526

        ScreenshotFax Server Pro is a client and server system designed to integrates fax communication with your IT infrastructure. Sending a fax is as simple as printing from any Windows application. Incoming fax messages are routed directly to desktops or email as PDF files -- the de facto standard in storing and exchanging documents. Fax Server Pro provides some advanced features such as email delivery, PDF conversion, Reading Track, CSID/Caller ID routing, public phone book and more...all with an easy-to-use user interface. And it is compatible with a variety of fax modems. Key Features: - User-friendly Interface; - Multi-Language Support; - Reading Track - Fax to Email addresses as PDF or TIFF attachment - Adobe PDF to fax without Adobe Reader - Support sending and receiving faxes on Multiple modems. The theoretical limit is 16 modems; - Support acquiring images from your scanner for faxing; - Simple as faxing and fast as printing - Automatic fax routing - Public Address Book - Fax broadcasting - Netw (von Fax Server Pro software, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 26.05.2017)

      •   Slitheris Network Discovery 1.1.218

        ScreenshotSlitheris Network Discovery ist eine neue hochmoderne Netzwerkscanner in der Lage Scannen 100 Netzwerkgeräte in ca. 5 Minuten! Die meisten IP Scanner erfassen die Grundlagen wie die MAC Adresse, aber lassen Sie das OS Feld leer ist und nicht einmal die Mühe zu identifizieren Gerätetypen. Unsere IP Scanner verwendet Standard Multi Threaded Ping fegt um pingable Geräte zu finden, und verwendet ARP Pings und andere erweiterte Netzwerkerkennung Technologie, um unpingable Blendete Geräte zu erkennen. Andere state of the art Funktionen gehören das Betriebssystem erkennen von Windows, Linux, iOS und Android proprietäre TCP / UDP OS Fingerprinting. Slitheris umfasst experimentelle Netzwerkgerätetyperkennung, um Server, Drucker, Switches, Router, iPhone, iPad und vieles mehr mit Hilfe der heuristischen Analyse und Gerätetyp Fingerprinting zu finden. Netzwerkgerätenamen aus bis zu 10 verschiedenen möglichen Standorten auf jedem Gerät, die Unterstützung be (von Komodo Laboratories LLC, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 01.05.2017)

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