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Free JSON Editor 1.0

Highlight and validate JSON format files

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  • Free JSON Editor:

    • JSON is the tool that is primarily used to transfer data between servers and web based apps. It is the acronym for JavaScript Object Notation and is an open standard format. The Free JSON Editor is a tool which allows users to access such files, check for any errors and rectify the same. All this can be accomplished within no time and it is one of the most powerful tools available in the internet database. Any strings can be added onto the software and edited with just a few clicks. There are many other helpful features of the freeware which can be put to use by even novice users. The tree view expansion of the file is yet another interesting feature of the tool. This is a light weight tool which can be downloaded and installed onto any devices that run on Windows OS. It is a very functional tool which has a graphic user interface. There are no complex settings which might confuse the users. The fact that there are several formatting tools to choose from is yet another feather in the cap. This Free JSON Editor supports syntax highlighting and color highlighting of text. Users can search for specific portions of the file using the relevant option. Once it is initiated, all that the users need to do is to add the JSON string onto the interface. There is a window which lets users check the format and make any changes if necessary. The file name and value are displayed once the link is added and this is for the convenience of the users. The best thing about this tool is that it is absolutely free of cost. There are no trial versions of the Free JSON Editor and it can be used for as long as there is a requirement.

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