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      •   BurnAware Free 10.3

        ScreenshotBurnAware Free is a full-fledged, easy-to-use, free burning software which allows users to write all types of files such as digital photos, pictures, archives, images, documents, music and videos to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. With BurnAware Free, you also will be able to create bootable or multisession discs, high-quality Audio CDs and Video DVDs, make and burn disc images, copy and backup discs. Burn Burn files and folders to CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs. Append or update multisession discs. Burn standard or boot disc images. Burn ISO files to multiple recorders simultaneously. Create Create boot CDs or DVDs. Create Audio CDs. Create DVD-Video discs. Create MP3 CD / DVD / Blu-ray Discs. Make standard or boot disc images. Copy Copy CD, DVD or Blu-ray Discs to ISO images. Copy from discs to discs. Other Verify discs byte by byte. Recover files from damaged discs or different sessions. Extract audio tracks from Audio CDs. Erase and format re-writable discs. View detailed disc and dri (von Burnaware, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 16.05.2017)

      •   Photo EXIF Manager 3.15

        ScreenshotFoto EXIF-Manager Dies ist ein Software-Tool, das Sie lesen und EXIF-Tags von vielen bekannten Kameras bearbeiten können. Photo EXIF ??Manager können Sie anzeigen und bearbeiten bekanntesten digitales Foto EXIF-Tags. Die Bearbeitungsfähigkeit erstreckt sich auf die neuere GPS-Tags zu. Alle Tags werden in einer Tabelle aufgelistet, und in drei Hauptgruppen Bild, Kamera und GPS zusammengefasst. EXIF 2.3 Standard-Tags werden unterstützt. Editing ist leicht getan. Ein Doppelklick auf einen Tag öffnet den Bearbeitungsdialog. Dieses Dialogfeld zeigt Informationen über den Tag und seine Bearbeitungswerkzeuge. Sie können hinzufügen, bearbeiten einige Tags zu löschen, oder Alle Tags entfernen. Dieses Software-Tool ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Verzeichnisstruktur ganz einfach zu navigieren; die Navigation ist ähnlich der vertrauten Windows-Explorer. Der Vorschaubereich können Sie das Foto anzuzeigen. Das Interface ist sehr intuitiv und einfach zu bedienen. Die Schnittstelle ist gut angelegt, so dass es einfach zu  (von MIKLSOFT, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 04.05.2017)

      •   EfficientPIM Free Portable

        ScreenshotEfficientPIM Free is a cross-platform personal information manager that can help you organize and plan your business and private life. With EfficientPIM Free you can keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists, birthdays, and much more. The software also gives you space for keeping notes, diaries, and even passwords. In order to be successful you need to be organized and efficient. With EfficientPIM Free all of the things you need to manage are located in one, easy-to-use interface. And you can sync data across PCs and mobile phones. Key Features: 1. Ten interface styles available for you to choose from. 2. Integrated password manager, desktop notes and diary. 3. Built-in editors similar to MS Word for writing diary and notes. 4. Hierarchical subtasks. 5. Custom fields for contacts. 6. Card view support. 7. Various calendar views: day, work week, week, month, year and time grid. 8. Adding attachments to contacts, events, tasks, notes and various other types of information. 9. O (von Efficient Software, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 08.05.2017)

      •   Extract BKF Tool 6.0

        ScreenshotExtract BKF Tool provides best solution to extract bkf when they are corrupted. Corruption in bkf file can occur due to many reasons such as hardware issues, abnormal system shut-down, Trojan attack, CRC error and many more. If you face any corruption issues while extracting bkf files then you can relay on BKF File extractor as this is the most powerful and best method in bkf file extraction situation. This software is embedded with many advanced features and best algorithms which makes it more powerful. It can easily extract bkf file stuck in any type of corruption situation. Get Extract BKF Tool Demo version for free and have an overview of the software before purchasing the full licensed version. You will not get all features in DEMO version but once you upgrade to full version then you won?t find any limitation in this software and you will be able to extract your files easily. (von Extract BKF, Lizenz: Shareware, Releasedatum: 03.05.2017)

      •   Keyboard Monitor 2.2

        ScreenshotKeyboard Monitor shows statistics on the use of the keyboard. This gadget is for fun only, but we like it :) It needs a small library installation. Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Color changeable for all gadget's elements, including background. Note: Keyboard Monitor doesn't run under a 64 bit sidebar. To change the autorun, 64 bit sidebar to 32 bit sidebar, you must manual edit the following Registry Key: \HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunSideBar Change the key to this: %ProgramFiles(x86)%Windows Sidebarsidebar.exe /autoRun (usually it is C:Program Files (x86)Windows Sidebarsidebar.exe /autoRun) (The only addition is loading sidebar.exe from c:program files (x86) instead of c:program files) (von Bushyn SOFTWARE, Lizenz: Freeware, Releasedatum: 04.05.2017)

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